Cryonite System Advantages

Cryonite toolThe Cryonite System is both an apparatus / unit and a method. The unit is made so as to allow the operator to carry out effective treatments, considering the specifics of the method. The Cryonite method is based on an extremely fast cooling of insects to a very low temperature (-108F, -78C), freezing them with carbon dioxide snow. The Cryonite snow has an exceptional cooling capability. As the method is physical, this also seperates it from the usual chemical-based methods. One of the many advantages is that there is no resistance build-up.

Cryonite is by its very nature environmental friendly and hygienic. As the carbon dioxide used is a residue taken from industrial processes, Cryonite adds no carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is non-toxic and non-allergic.

  • No resistance build-up
  • Dry method, can be used in electric devices
  • Eliminates all stages of insect life cycle
  • Leaves no environmental foot print
  • Used in Hotels – Food industry – Hospitals – Museums – Sacred buildingsĀ - Trains – Offices
  • Allowes proactive use
  • Easy to use